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We haven’t tried Whited00r personally — I simply don’t have any i OS devices lying around that are that old — but this looks legit, and the forums are filled with happy users.If you’ve got an ancient i Pod touch or i Phone and want to extend its life just a little bit longer, give Whited00r a try.

It had no expiry date as beta versions have and did not require a developer account to be installed.Below you can find the direct links to the i Pod touch Firmware Files for every released firmware version.Please note that if you use Safari you must disable the auto unzip feature. It was a subtle hint that i OS 6.1 firmware was going to drop soon. Finally we can download i OS 6.1 firmware, for which we have waited patiently for quite some time now.On the face of it i OS 6.1 does not come bearing any new features.

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