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S.-Russian Relations Ukraine Ukrainian Military Ukrainian News Ukrainian Separatists Founded by Editor-in-Chief David Johnson, the JRL is a project of the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES) at The George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.Publication or sharing by the JRL does not mean endorsement, and JRL contents do not necessarily represent the views of IERES or The George Washington University.[DIA report here Power Publications/Russia Military Power Report 2017.pdf] “Kremlin leaders are convinced America is intent on regime change in Russia, a fear that is feeding rising tension and military […] (Article ©2017 RFE/RL, Inc., Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty – – June 28, 2017 – also appeared at The jury in the trial of five […] (Article ©2017 RFE/RL, Inc., Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty – – June 28, 2017 – also appeared at https:// The Kremlin needs a new distraction.Russia’s […] Business Corruption Crisis Economy Energy EU Europe Finance Foreign Policy Government Human Rights Investment JRL News Blog JRL Tables of Contents Law Media Medvedev Middle East Military NATO Newslinks Newswatch NGO's Nonprofits Oil Opposition Politics Polls Putin Recession Russia Russian News Russian News Russo-Ukrainian War Sanctions Spies Syria Trade Transcripts U.A 21-year-old girl is released from prison, only to deal with the neighborhood gossip about her and family conflicts.She decides to save one million yen, move to where no one knows her and keep repeating the process. I used to be involved in the Bulletin Board System (BBS) scene before the Internet became big (aka a time before everyone had a use for modems), and actually, for a few months ran one myself (before my parents shut it down for getting a C on a progress report..whoop... During that time, I discovered a messaging network between BBS's called Fido Net. I collected over 200 of these, ranging from mildly humorous, to laugh out loud funny, to downright disgusting, and I might as well share the laughter!It's sort of like the modern Usenet newsgroups, except that messages were distributed by BBS's calling one another. one of the message echoes that was my favorite was the JOKES echo (or was it HUMOR, can't remember anymore... (^_^) Some of these are obviously dated a few years, but many still hold true today!

This time however they are played by Atsushi Itô and Misaki Itô who played Densha and Hermes respectively in the series Densha otoko (2005).

These files range in size from 6K too a couple of megs.

These pages have all the tag lines in alphabetical order, one letter per page.

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