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been looking forward to shooting one of the local 2-Gun Action Challenge Matches with a Swiss straight-pull rifle for a while now, and had the chance this past weekend.

I was debating between using a Gewehr 1911 (the older style long rifle) or the K31 (newer carbine variant), and so I left it up to a vote of folks of the Facebook page. The K31 has the advantages of being shorter and lighter than the G11, and it also has a rear sight that is calibrated down to 100m, where the G11 rear sight begins at 300m (which would have required a bunch of estimated hold-unders for a match like this).

The K31 was also designed to be a standardized rifle that was to replace both the full-length and carbine versions of the Schmidt-Rubin 1911 rifles.

The K31 met all the specifications to be both cheaper to produce and more accurate than the longer rifles that came before it, so it was adopted as the official rifle of the Swiss military in 1931.

You may want to slug your bore and use bullets of a size appropriate to your results.

Those men designed the 18 rifles and their ammunition, and they were both dead in 1931, when the K31 was designed.

The K31 was actually an entirely new team design by the Eidgenössische Waffenfabrik government small arms factory in Bern, Switzerland under the supervision of Colonel Adolf Furrer.

A couple things that might be worth your time to read is not uncommon for these rifles when using Swiss GP11 surplus ammo and often better with Hornady or Norma. I haven't slugged any of my m39 bores, but I've always heard that the M39's were 3.095-.311 bore size.

Prvi Partizan, Wolf Gold (repackaged Prvi) and FNM are not typically as accurate, but they are cheaper than Hornady or Norma and provide Boxer-Primed Brass cases. I thought that the only .308 size Finnish bores were some of the early 91-24's.

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