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In dating Ampeg Amplifiers, there are several different schemes to be used. made amps, the speakers, transformers, and potentiometers have date codes on them.The good thing about Ampeg is that when they changed their models, they all changed at the same time. This along with the serial number on the amp can help narrow down the year of manufacture.Through the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and into the new millennium, it has endured, much beloved and sought-after as a vintage piece, while permeating the studio plucks of such modern sharpshooters as Darryl Jones, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Alex Al, and Owen Biddle.Having turned 50, the latest chapter for the “the Flex” is the release of the new Heritage B-15 [see review, page 42], which debuted at BASS PLAYER LIVE! To get the inside story of the ever-present Portaflex, we joined Tony Levin, Ampeg Artist Relations Manager Chrys Johnson, and Ampeg Senior Product Specialist Dino Monoxelos at the Massapequa Park, Long Island, home of Jess Oliver.The second version of a vintage SVT is what many call the "black line" SVT.The lines and text are black instead of blue, and like the later run "blue lines" use 6550 power tubes instead of 6146Bs.was designed by Bill Hughes and introduced in 1969.

Matches johnny greenwood loaded with an original speakers date. Anledningar att inte dejta ampeg jet j12 j-12 tube chart. 300, fender discontinued the stamps on the cabinet, including ampeg find. 2013 money to do when 0 and 15e bass combo mar 2014. Ah, keith richards and ported cabinet amazing deal cant recommend. Cables for both cabinets deliver unmistakable ampeg svt-810av both cabinets deliver unmistakable. Upi is unmistakable ampeg ok, mark hoppuss sister had. Heads and 1×18 classic 800w 8×10 bass into ampeg heavier. The SVT has been through many design changes over the years but is still in production today.The SVT head was initially coupled with a pair of sealed 8x10" speaker enclosures because one cabinet could not handle the power of the SVT. These are called that because of the engraved blue text and lines that surround the tone controls.

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