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This already is a very important element to my next comment on Turkish culture and muslim culture as a whole: I am a half Belgian half Dutch man and have been studying Turkish languages and Cultures and living over here in Leiden/ Europe .

We have got a little more experience than America in a multicultural society, especially about muslim countries, since we geographically live nearer to them. Some appear very decent, polite and typically western reserved since they know the rules and turn out to have a "sweet darling"in each and every city of Turkey and many in Europe.

The official language is Turkish and Islam is practiced by more than 90% of the population.

Given its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, its large economy and substantial military might, Turkey is considered a major regional power.

6-My boyfriend isn't religious and neither is anyone in his family.... I know families are more protective over girls than guys so getting in with the family may be a bit more difficult from that perspective than it would be for me.?

something nice for me to say ended up offending him and really making him feel sad. 2-Tell your partner where you're going if you're going somewhere (not to the grocery store or to get gas or something but out to dinner, to a movie, out with friends, etc.). I'm not sure if this is common amongst men of that region but I've never experienced anything quite like it... My problem is learning how to deal with one or two day "cave man" ... 4-Everything big or small seems to be reacted upon on the same level. For example- if I'm sick I say "go ahead without me..From my experience (I'm a 25 year old (more mature) American woman and my serious boyfriend is a 25 year old (more mature) Turkish man).We have cultural (and some individual or a mix) clashes all the time... Here are just a few: 1-Things are shared between the two of you immediately.They don't really care that you're going and its not a control thing (at least not in my case) but like to feel as a unit and closeness is key. I'll just sleep" and my previous American boyfriends would go, and that would be that.My boyfriend talks to his brother about 15 times a day on the phone and to his Mother (who is in Turkey) about once a day... But, Turkish men (from my experience) feel as if they have to stay.

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