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The new section provides a variety of expected requirements, such as the size of lots on which chickens may be kept and the amount of chickens that may be kept there.

To finalize your will in New Jersey: and you'll need to go to a notary if you want to do that.

This promise is often incorporated into rental and lease agreements, and gives you the right to live undisturbed by intrusions from the outside world.

Anything that penetrates your space, such as loud noise or cigarette smoke, may violate your right to “quiet enjoyment.” For more on your rights to privacy and “quiet enjoyment,” see of this guide.

Except on visitation day, and then it's time to get freaky. Also, I assume each rooster will be screened and interviewed by a skilled TSA agent (if any) in order to ensure that said rooster is visiting solely "for the purpose of fertilization" and isn't just there to hook up.

The difficulty of ensuring that may help explain the safe-sex requirement, which was added late Monday and so isn't in the draft ordinance.

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