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Have best friends and activity buddies who are not Jehovah’s Witnesses.Associate with people outside their organization when it is not necessary.If you are ready for success, you are ready for us. But they found me a good match immediately, and everything started off on the right foot.

Besides, they have an impeccable taste for clothes, accessories and make-up, making all men envy the lucky ones having a Russian or Ukrainian girls as wives.Attend social functions sponsored by their employer unless attendance is required 5.Contribute to the Presidential Campaign Fund on their tax return 9.We look forward to meeting you and helping you to realize your dreams.Approaching, communication and most important understanding women can be difficult for some men. Dating consulting/coaching program: Skype/phone consulting/coaching 1 session 45 min – 70$ Coaching in person 1 h – 80$ Topics of my consultation programs: date, but instead of leaving unsure of what you are doing wrong or why it doesn’t continue further, I will give you my honest feedback on: Your communication skills Do’s and don’ts of the first date What you’re doing to lose attraction on your dates Mistakes you’re making but aren’t aware of that are totally ruining the date Things you may be saying that are instant mood killers How to connect to a woman without seeming needy Your date attire and location selection and how they could be what’s hurting your chances Tiny mistakes most men make and have no clue about it Why she just sees you as a friend So please contact me through email about pricing and setting a date.

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